Sustainability Report Mockup
Sustainability Report Mockup

Sustainability Report 2022 - Ebroacero

As has become customary every year since 2019, we have published our sustainability report by 2022. This year we have reinforced the integration of ESG criteria (environmental, social and corporate governance) in all our activities and strategic decisions. The report can be viewed and downloaded under the section ESG of the web.

What is a sustainability report?

A sustainability report, also known as a sustainability report o corporate social responsibility reportis a document that provides detailed information on the social, environmental and governance performance of a company. Its main objective is to communicate in a transparent and understandable way how the company manages its impact in these three areas.

What is a sustainability report for?

The purpose of the report is to highlight and disseminate The company's efforts and resources allocated to social responsibility are made public. This implies a series of benefits for the company, such as strengthening the knowledge of the organization, improving its image and reputation in the sector, as well as identifying possible risks.

ESG Criteria

ESG criteria, also known as Environmental, Social, y Governance (Environmental, Social and Governance), are a set of factors used to evaluate a company's performance in areas related to sustainability and corporate responsibility. These criteria are used to measure the company's impact on the environment, its relationship with society and the quality of its corporate governance.

Each of the components of the ESG criteria is explained below:


Refers to the impact of a company's operations and activities on the environment. It includes aspects such as the efficient use of natural resources, waste management, greenhouse gas emissions, carbon footprint, biodiversity conservation and the adoption of sustainable practices.

Social (Social):

Refers to how a company manages its relationships with employees, the communities in which it operates, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. It includes aspects such as respect for human rights, diversity and inclusion, occupational health and safety, fair labor practices, commitment to local communities and supply chain responsibility.


Refers to a company's governance structure and practices. It includes aspects such as board composition and diversity, risk management systems, internal control mechanisms, transparency in the disclosure of financial information, incentives and compensation, and business ethics.

The criteria ESG have become increasingly important in the business world, as they enable an assessment of a company's sustainability and ethical performance. Investors, consumers and other stakeholders are increasingly paying attention to these criteria as part of their decision-making, recognizing that environmentally, socially and governance responsible companies can generate stronger long-term financial results and have a positive impact on society and the environment.

ESG Chart/Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report - Ebroacero

This is a summary of the ESG measures we have taken at Ebroacero.


The main strategy we follow in environmental matters is to be a sustainable and circular company. With the development of circularity in all our operations where we have the capacity to influence and participate in joint projects with allies in the circular economy.

In 2022 we have carried out several projects to continue with this premise:

  •  Installation of photovoltaic solar panels to reduce the consumption of non-renewable natural resources.
  • Replacement of part of the diesel-powered forklifts with more efficient forklifts that consume electric energy.
  • We are in the project RE4INDUSTRYThe European Union has set up a program for the progressive decarbonization of energy-intensive industries.
  • Our commercial department has considerably reduced the number of trips abroad and replaced them with video from our offices. This reduces our impact on the environment. 
  • Investment in a shot blasting machine up to 14,000 kg, which allows us, among other things, to respect the environment by managing waste more efficiently and eliminating a significant amount of transport of parts back and forth to other companies.
  • A system of renting work clothes is contracted, thus preventing potential risk situations.
  • Replacing the purchase of cleaning cloths with a pay-as-you-go system with the wipes manufacturer MEWA TEXfollowing the principle of "use rather than acquire".
  • Installation of an electric car charging parking lot to promote sustainable mobility.
  • The production staff eats in the company's canteen, avoiding trips back and forth to eat at home, with a significant reduction in vehicle trips.
  • Project to improve the efficiency of heat treatment furnaces.
We have also obtained several seals during this year:
  • Ecovadis silver medal. This means that we are among the top 25% worldwide, reflecting our sustainability management system.
  • Aragon Social Responsibility Seal. This is the fourth year that we have received it, this seal meant the launching of a structured social responsibility management and the elaboration of a first Social Responsibility Plan for 2020.
  • Aragón Circular Seal. It is a strategy promoted by the Public Administration that aims to promote the circular economy. The strategy includes the recognition and valorization of leading companies in the transition to the new circular economic model.


We are a diverse and inclusive company. We collaborate with the development of projects and participate in initiatives to improve social inclusion and support diversity in all areas. In addition, we have alsoWe want to be seen by society as a company committed to our environment and to our society, giving visibility to the actions we carry out and encouraging the generation of new actions.

To pursue this objective we have been involved in several projects.

  • Annual campaign of the Adecco foundation to support the labor integration of people with disabilities.
  • We support the Lacus foundation in Aragon.
  • We collaborate with the Aspanoa Foundation in support of its mission to care for children with cancer in Aragon.
  • We joined the "Cátedra Profesional FP ++", promoted by the San Valero Group.
  • We have participated in the I Solidarity Tournament organized by CEOE Aragon for the benefit of ATADES, the proceeds will go to help children in need of pediatric exoskeleton.
  • Contribution to the Brotherhood of the Blood of Christ in support of its mission to collect the deceased.
  • Contribution to the dining room of El Carmen.
  • We have participated in the VII ESIC Race.
  • Commitment to Society is the support to the most needy.
  • Actions to raise people's awareness of the benefits of a healthy diet and water consumption.


Through the deployment of a management model that includes the ethical principles that should govern business operations, human relations and is reflected in a model to be followed by all people.

  • The Code of Conduct determines the behaviors expected of employees in those matters of an economic, social and environmental nature.
    ethics, related to the organization's commitments and applicable regulations.
  • We have drawn up an Equality Plan, a set of measures aimed at achieving equal treatment and equal opportunities in the achieve equal treatment and opportunities for women and men in the opportunities between women and men and to eliminate gender discrimination. discrimination based on sex.
Ebroacero Equality Plan
Ebroacero Code of Conduct
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