Technical office

This section is available to our customers to collaborate in the design of castings.


We have the necessary facilities to prepare the sand and resin mixtures used in the manufacture of molds and cores.


We have two electric arc furnaces, with basic process and magneto-hydraulic regulation, with injection of inert gases through the bottom that allow melting parts up to approximately fifteen tons net weight.

Heat treatment

We have the necessary facilities to carry out the heat treatments required for the different types of steel we manufacture.


It has been equipped with the necessary machinery with sufficient capacity to machine all the manufactured parts.


Ebroacero S.A. has its own laboratories to guarantee the requirements of the products in terms of the quality of the materials and their characteristics.

Quality control

We meet the requirements of non-destructive testing (NDT) of castings, intervening in the predetermined phases of the manufacturing process.

Shot blasting

EBROACERO has the necessary facilities to clean/blast the surfaces of the manufactured cast steel parts, in order to achieve the surface quality that allows, both to carry out the inspections and to obtain a good surface quality for delivery to customers.
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