Letter to diversity

It is a 10-point letter of commitment that, voluntarily and free of charge, is signed by companies and institutions from the same country, regardless of their size or sector. With this, they assume the commitment to promote the fundamental principles of equality, diversity and inclusion.

EU Regional Development Funds


Direct mission to Senegal 2022

The company EBROACERO, participates in the Direct Mission to Senegal 2022, which is held from 21 to 25 February and has the support of Icex and is aware that this action is co-financed with European funds and undertakes to so indicate whenever it must refer to it, to third parties or to the public itself. Due to the importance that we consider this type of aid has for our company, we value very positively the contribution of the FEDER, the main fund of the European cohesion policy, for what it means as boost to our work and consequently to the economic growth and job creation in the region where the company is located and in Spain as a whole.

Ebroacero Equality Plan

An ordered set of measures, adopted after a diagnosis of the situation, aimed at achieving equal treatment and opportunities between women and men in the company and eliminating discrimination based on sex.



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