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60th anniversary of Ebroacero

Celebrating 60 years of success and growth

This is a very important year for Ebroacero, since we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of Ebroacero.
To commemorate this milestone, we have organized a major event together with Talleres Mercier, which is also celebrating its 150th anniversary.
This event is held to celebrate the longevity and success of these two companies since 1870, in the case of Talleres Mercier, and in 1963, in the case of Ebroacero.

Our history

Sixty years ago, a group of Mercier executives, dedicated to the manufacture of capital goods for the industrial sector, saw the need for a foundry to supply them with steel. Exactly 14 people got together and founded Siderúrgica Ebroacero S.A. At the beginning, they worked almost exclusively for Mercier, until they found their own way, thus making their activity a little more independent. its activity. In 1976, the group of directors took the decision to change the name to the current one, Ebroacero S.A., confirming that the future of the company was going towards shaped steel. And little by little it became the great company it is today, where we export to more than 30 countries all over the world. Until today, where we celebrate the 60th anniversary of Ebroacero.

Looking to the future

At Ebroacero we are constantly evolving. Our main objective is to achieve a sustainable foundry. To achieve this, we are focusing on: circular commerce, obtaining a significant degree of self-sufficiency, the ecological reconversion of facilities and materials, and technological investment and constant updating. All of this, together with our ethical commitment and social responsibility, makes us an exemplary social responsibility, being an example group of diversity thanks to our inclusive workforce, conciliation policies, fluid internal and external communication, numerous examples of good practices and active participation in transversal sensitivity. We decided to go for these keys: long-term measures, complex investments that require a consistent commitment from all the staff, with the ultimate goal of positioning Ebroacero and Mercier on the commercial map as a benchmark in specialized, modern, quality, socially responsible and sustainable foundry.

The big 60th anniversary event

Ebroacero's 60th anniversary event was held in the Caja Rural de Aragón building, in the room commonly known as the "column room". This is not just any room, since during the 80's it was the room where we held the shareholders' meetings, until it closed.

The event reviews our history from the beginning to the present day, through two videos, so that we can observe the magnitude of what we have achieved over time, thanks to our effort and our fighting spirit, through a video about our history and another corporate video. Afterwards, the presidents of each company gave a speech.

We have counted with the presence of authorities from the Government of Aragon, Zaragoza City Council, Chamber of Commerce and the military, as well as the press such as the Heraldo de Aragón and the Periódico de AragónBoth Marta Gastón, Economic Councillor, Planning and Employment, and Sara Fernández, Secretary of Institutional Action of the Aragón Autonomous Committee of Ciudadanos and member of the General Council of Ciudadanos, gave a speech highlighting the trajectory, resilience and adaptation of Ebroacero and Talleres Mercier over the years, and emphasized Ebroacero's commitment to circular economy, social responsibility and internationalization.

Photos of presidents and authorities at the 60th anniversary of Ebroacero

Designs for the 60th anniversary of Ebroacero

In addition, we have designed a new logo to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Ebroacero, which represents the innovation and commitment to quality that we have had during all these years. and commitment to quality that we have had throughout the years. The shape designed for our "0" captures the exciting moment when molten steel is moment when molten steel is poured into the molds that give life to our impressive creations, symbolizing the transformation and progress we have achieved. transformation and progress we have achieved. This logo will be a constant reminder of our legacy and our ongoing commitment to excellence. commitment to excellence.

In addition, for the event we have made different graphics:
- 3D model of the logos of the 2 companies.
- Design for the lectern.

This event is a great opportunity for our customers and partners to learn more about our company and its history, as well as to celebrate together this important milestone in our history.
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