Quality and Environment Management

Ebroacero, S.A., is a foundry for steel castings. The company's aim is to be the market leader in the supply of castings and machined parts to high standards of quality.

That aim is to be attained by:

Focusing the management of all activities on client satisfaction.
Managing resources and responsibilities in a rigorous, honest, transparent, and ethical manner.
Promoting a work environment that favours and encourages the updating and specialisation of human resources, as well as the development of new technologies and processes, and innovative, creative ideas.
Raising staff awareness of, and training staff in, developing best environmental practices of an operational nature, as well as promoting staff information and training.
Cultivating a work setting that reduces risks to a minimum, prioritises employee safety, and encourages on-going training in safe practices to employees in relation to their work as well as in matters of health and risks in the workplace.
Encouraging team-working, creating a setting in which people can give the best of themselves, making people creative, productive, and safe, thus making work pleasurable.
Building employee loyalty based on merits and values.
Seeking excellence by applying standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004
Developing a culture of continuous improvement by setting and periodically reviewing quality and enviromnental objectives and targets.
Complying with all legal, regulatory, and prescriptive requirements.
Checking all environmental aspects derived from the company's activities, favouring sustainable development within its area of influence.
Minimising the environmental impact of our activity.
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